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IFY Leadership Assignment (范文)IFY Business Assignment Contra


Student Name Jenny Lu
Student ID SZ09UKIFY029
Subject Business
Programme Business study
Lecturer/Tutor Arturo
Date Submitted 30/04/2010
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IFY Business Assignment Contrastingmanagement styles at Campbell Soup and Quaker Oats


Student name: Jenny Lu
Student ID: SZ-09-0029
Tutor: Arturo


Management is a very important part of a business and most of the times it is difficult to define exactly what is meant by ‘management. According to the essay, we know that the Campbell Soup and Quaker Oats companies are two of the largest and best known food manufacturers. They all achieve a big success, but they have two different way to go. Largely, analysts believed because of differences in the way the companies were managed and the characteristics of the people who managed them. Campbell Soup’s manager is David W.Johnson and the Quaker Oats’s CEO is William D.Smithbury. David W.Johnson is an easygoing, approachable people and he gets along well with his employees. But William D.Smithbury has to fire if he can not do business well, so he does not have a peaceful heart to do this.

On the other hand, the management style of Campbell Soup is democratic. It is a kind of leadership style which encourages participation in a decision making. This management style boosts motivation and welcomes involvement, workers feel the ownership of the firm and its ideas, and improve sharing of ideas and experiences within the business, and it also can delay decision making. Also, in this stale, the leader is very esteem his employees and give them some rights to take part in actives of firm. And also this leadership style can be persuasive and consultative. Persuasive manager convince others to agree with him, while consultative manager asks others’ idea before coming up with a decision. From the essay, these are what the CEO of Campbell Soup David W.Johnson. He is very approachable and he cares about his employees. He delegates authority and protect the employees’ right, so it can increase employees’ motivation. Which made me think that most of his success the company’s success can be rooted a good management style, so employees can work seriously. Because he thinks the changes in sales and profits reflect how well the managers are doing. Which make me think that most of his success are he gets along well with his employees and he uses a good management style to control his business.

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