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Identify someone you regard as a hero, a leader or role model whom you admire. Describe how this person has influenced your development.

My personal hero is Lao Tze, a great philosopher and influential thinker who lived in ancient China some 2500 years ago. The essence of Lao's thoughts, to perceive the world in a balanced way, has profound impact on my personal and professional development.

My curiosity about Lao was aroused when I was an undergraduate at Peking University, where my physics major always challenged me to think about nature itself, and inspired my interests in Tao Te Ching, Lao's autobiography in which he elaborated on how to understand the world around us. A striking similarity exists between the Einsteinian Theory of Relativity and this ancient Oriental philosophy, both of which seem to deny Newtonian "cause and effect" as the ultimate measure of the physical universe, but revealing the inherent balance of any system and the interdependence and interplay of each part.本文由代写essay专区整理提供,并经专业导师审核与修改。

This comprehension of Lao's balanced perspective influenced significantly my personal development. Applying this balanced approach to myself, I concluded that I should also be a balanced person, a person of both academic excellence and extracurricular achievements. During my five years at the university, through exploration of the broad spectrum of course offerings, teamwork and competition on the university soccer team, hosting a photography club and active participation in the volunteer blood donation to the Red Cross Organization, I kept a healthy balance between academic accomplishments and extracurricular contributions.

This balanced approach also nurtured my leadership skills on the job. In the PC Product Marketing team I'm leading, I try to play a balanced role-- not only as a team leader, but also as a team player. Leading the team in a balanced way, I can change my paradigm from that of a leader to that of a team member, which often helps me fully understand my team members' concerns and thoroughly evaluate their opinions, thus ensuring accelerated solutions to disputable scenarios. The balanced approach taught me that sometimes "followership" is just as important as leadership.

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