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留学生作业: Individual Reflective Aboat Assessment Item

Assessment Item : Individual Reflective Essay

Weighting: 40%
Length or Duration: 1000 Words (10 per cent over or under is acceptable)

Assessing unit learning objectives:
2. Demonstrate competence in communicating effectively through academic writing
3. Demonstrate skills in collaborative working and an appreciation of indigenous and intercultural perspectives

The purpose of the assessment is to develop knowledge of some of the key concepts addressed in this unit and to demonstrate reflexive practice, intercultural sensitivity and writing skills. The practical focus for the essay Dissertation is provide by Custom Thesishas been devised to develop the attributes identified as most important by Australian Business Leaders (according to the Australian Institute of Management, 2008). These include Continuous Professional Development (the ability to reflect, learn and grow from experience); Communication Skills and Values and Ethics.

This is an individual assessment although you will need to draw upon your records of group activities and discussions during the Virtual Business Design Project. The essay is testing your ability to reflect upon and learn from your experience of group working. This means that it does not matter whether you were in a group that worked well together and achieved a high mark, or a group that worked badly together and failed the group assessment. The key is to demonstrate that you have learned from the experience and have a clear understanding of the requirements for effective group working.

Source Material
You need to draw on wider reading to support your analysis and reflection. As a starting point you should familiarise yourself with the theory and models in Bartol et al. 2008, in particular, Chapter 15 Managing Groups and Teams; Chapter 13 Leadership; Chapter 14 Managerial Communication and Chapter 18 International Management. In addition to reading the core textbook you should also make use of the library databases to find relevant Journal articles, and other books, to add weight to your discussion in the essay.

You need to review critical incidents during the Virtual Business Design Project exercise, drawing on relevant theory to analyse the impact of diversity in all its forms on collaborative practice. Your essay will address 3 main areas: Communication; Group Development and Culture and Diversity and must Conclude by reflecting on what you have learned from the process.

• According to Bartol et al. 2006, 519 the key influences on individual communication and interpersonal人际 processes are:
o Perceptual Processes
o Attribution Processes
o Semantics
Select ONE of these THREE influences and reflect on it in terms of通过 your experience of collaborative working on the Virtual Business Design Project. You should explain the concepts and then analyse the extent 范围,范围,程度 to which they influenced communication within your group

Group Development

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