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英国留学生会计课程作业-Quantitative Methods for Accounting 516 Semeste

英国留学生商业类作业范例-Quantitative Methods for Accounting 516 Semester 1 2012 Business Report


 You should be able to start work after Lecture 8. This Business Report is due on 7 May 2012 10am.

The International Union of Accountants is a body of many accounting firms across the globe which reports on global movements in personal taxes. This year the Board of the International Union of Accountants conducts a survey on Individual Income Tax from 77 countries for each of the past seven years. The Accounting Director of the International Union of Accountants aims to draw conclusions on how people are taxed in different parts of the world and the key contributing factor in these personal taxes. For ease of comparison, the study concentrates on the highest rates of personal income tax payable to central governments in each country. Accordingly, for each of the 77 countries,  she has determined the OECD membership, the region and the tax rates for the past seven years. The data is stored in file Acc516_s12012_BR_data.xls with the following variables.

Column 1: OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)
             1 = OECD member;  2 = not OECD member
Column 2: Region
             1 = European Union;  2 = Asia-Pacific;  3 = Latin American;  4 = others
Column 3: Country
Column 4 – 10: Tax rates from 2003 - 2009

  Present a report of your findings  (by answering the questions below) as the Accounting Director to the International Union of Accountants.
In your report, answer the following questions. Refer to:

  1. Are there differences in the OECD membership across the different regions
  2. Is there evidence of change in tax rates over the seven-year period?
  3. Is there evidence to suggest that the tax rate of 2009 for OECD member is greater than the tax rate of 2009 for non OECD member?
  4. Is there evidence to suggest that the tax rates of 2009 differ across the different regions?

In your conclusion you should also shed some lights in how different governments approach the difficult task of raising funds for necessary public services without losing the support of the citizens.

 For each question above, perform separate statistical tests to answer the questions. This report should be presented in a professional manner and you need to demonstrate that considerable thought has gone into the analysis of data.

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