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英国邓迪大学留学生经济方面的硕士课程作业范文模板下载-What are the major obstacles that confront Chinese private firms in today

英国邓迪大学留学生经济方面的硕士课程作业范文模板下载-What are the major obstacles that confront Chinese private firms in today’s China?”




1. Introduction
According to the report released by the National Development and Reform Commission, until the end of June 2007, the number of China's small and medium enterprises (mainly private enterprises) has reached more than 42 million, accounting for 99.8% of the total enterprises nationwide, in which, the number of SMEs registered by the business sector was 4.6 million, and the number of self-employed households was more than 38 million (China Briefing, 2007). Proportions of GDP, taxes and import and export of SMEs accounted for 60%, 53% and 68%.  provided more than 75% of urban jobs, 80% of laid-off workers of state-owned enterprises were re-employed in SMEs. Moreover, 66% of China's invention patents, more than 82% of new product development are done by the SMEs (China Daily, 2011). SMEs have become an important driving force of China's economic and social development, and play an irreplaceable role. However, behind the rapid development of SMEs, especially the private enterprises, as opposed to state-owned enterprises, they still face difficulties and obstacles in the freedom of capital. The following will be from four aspects to analyze the problem of capital freedom in Chinese private enterprises: the freedom to maintain capital, the freedom access to capital, the freedom to enter the industry and the freedom of capital inter-district and international mobility.

2. Obstacles to maintain the capital: lack of protection of property rights
The freedom to maintain the capital actually refers to the freedom by the enterprise capital from infringing upon the rights. This is the most basic and critical part of the enterprise capital freedom. Only when its own capital property locates in safety, enterprises will be back and forth investment and production, then the economy and society can maintain stability and prosperity. In the transformation of China, compared with other types of enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, the environment for the development of private enterprises in China can be quite negative.

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