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Master of Labor and Human Resources Essays(人力资源essay范文两篇)

Master of Labor and Human Resources Essays
*denotes a required question
Complete this section only if you are applying to the Master of Labor and Human Resources Program.

人力资源Essay 1: Shaping your vision*

Every year Fisher College's MLHR program admits a select group of talented students with demonstrated potential to become successful business leaders in an increasingly competitive, global environment. Briefly summarize your educational and professional accomplishments to date.

Why do you want to earn a MLHR degree in general and a Fisher MLHR specifically? Include your goals (including career goals) post - MLHR and your plan for achieving them.

(recommended maximum 1000 words)

人力资源Essay 2: Focusing on leadership*
One of Fisher College's strengths is its dedication to developing leaders. Below are ten attributes that characterize great leaders. Please select the two criteria that best describe you, your leadership style or your leadership successes to date and provide us with concrete evidence of your accomplishments.

Write an essay for each of the two characteristics you select, describing situations in which you exemplified these leadership traits. Please title each of your essays with the specific attribute (e.g. 'endurance') that you have chosen for yourself.
• Integrity
• Empathy
• Curiosity
• Endurance
• Creativity
• Global awareness
• Passion
• Vision
• Self Awareness
• Communication and interpersonal skills
Choice 1
(750 words max)
Choice 2
(750 words max)

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