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澳洲HRM ESSAY代写-Australia human resources management training

Australia human resources management training program

澳大利亚在战略性人力资源管理、人才测评等领域的探索一直居于世界前沿水平。学习澳大利亚政府和企业在员工招聘与选拔,公务员考核与绩效管理,激励、奖励、约束机制以及人才教育培训等方面的创新做法,对我国人才资源管理的实践活动具有一定的指导和借鉴意义。Modern economy, science and technology, and the competition is actually talent competition. As the development of economic globalization and with high and new technology as the core of the coming of the knowledge economy time, in part in multilateral cooperation and competition, has become a more and more talents to win in 代写澳洲hrm essay the competition and open up the key elements of the future. In the fierce international competition environment, how to reasonable establishing talent development strategy, strengthen the talent resources construction, make full use of existing human resources, to cultivate talents, make our country population, human resources by country into human resources power, for our country the all-round construction of the well-off society and create a cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics new situation has very important strategic significance.

Australia in strategic human resource management, personnel evaluation and other areas of exploration has been belonging to the world frontier level. Learning the Australian government and enterprise in recruitment and selection, civil service examination and performance management and incentive, awards and restriction mechanism, talent education training the innovations of the practice of our country, the human resources management practice activities has certain guidance and reference. Therefore, the Australian federal international cooperation association promotes the characteristic training project-Australia human resources management training program.

Training project course content:

1. Australia human resource management system

1) Australia national political, economic and cultural situation

2) the Australian government system organization form

3) Australia human resources management history and development, human resources management prospect

4) Australia human resource configuration

5) Australia strategic human resources planning, implementing, and information feedback

6) Australia personnel system

7) Australia employee social welfare and social security and medical health insurance

8) Australia labor relations regulations, system and the method of coordination

9) Australia the development of labor relations

10) labor contract signing and staff of the legitimate rights and interests of the maintenance

11) Australia the designing principles of compensation system and perfect

12) Australia professionals training system and education system

13) Australia national research institutions to personnel management regulations and system

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