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英国企业人力资源管理论文代写-British enterprise human resources management

英国企业人力资源论文代写British enterprise human resources management

According to the arrangement of the state-owned assets supervision, the author to the state-owned assets supervision organization "large foreign enterprise human resources management English training group", in September 1, to September 21, in Britain for 21 days of training and research. Here with his this to the feeling of the investigation to attend training analysis and comparison enterprises in our country present situation of human resource management, as some points of thinking.

Human resources management strategic choice with the enterprise development strategy must be different choice and change. In this training expedition, and whether the instructor or British enterprise human resources management department in charge, they introduce how to choose in enterprise human resources management strategy emphasized, enterprise management of the human resources of the strategy for enterprise development strategy must be service, along with the choice of enterprise development strategy or adjust and make corresponding change. For enterprises in market competition environment and weigh based on their own competitive ability, it is to use the steady market advantages strengthen existing type strategy, or consolidate market advantages of cultivating or to open up new markets go up in the field of development-oriented strategies, to the enterprise human resources quality skills requirements, structure and configuration of the reality and the potential demand is different. Scottish enterprise association introduced to the royal bank of Scotland, for example, in the enterprise strategy development have three options: one is through the attract and retain the high-end customer to the pursuit of higher added value to improve enterprise efficiency, 2 it is through expanding the ordinary users and increase the income, 3 it is to use more information network technology increase online portfolio reduce costs to increase profits. In view of the above three different kinds of enterprise development strategic choice, they made a different human resources management strategy. For the first option, the corresponding strategic human resources orientation is to reduce number of employees, improve employees for the high-end customer service ability; For the second choice, it needs to increase the number of employees, improve the staff's focus on promoting ability; For the third option, is to reduce the number of existing staff, to improve the staff information network application level and at the same time, IT attracts talents. In other enterprise expedition to talk about their human resources management strategy, the other side also always emphasizes and enterprise development strategy of relevancy. For example a British beer brewing group company, and when the market development made mainly from Europe to the world, especially the key to develop the Chinese and Indian two big market of strategic adjustment, the covers in countries such as India, in the branches of the staff recruitment conditions, screening program, performance appraisal content and method, the content such as encouraging method of human resources management strategy, and then has a corresponding change, the purpose of which is to make it more can adapt to these countries policies, laws and regulations, the humanities environment, market rules and needs features objective need, better to achieve the company's development strategy service.

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