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前言:本文来自留学生论文中心-HRM essay代写编辑组整理提供,本文就人力资源发展(HRD)与人力资源管理(HRM)间的关系进行了一番讨论与分析。供HRM专业的留学生参考使用。全文分为6个部分进行了发展与管理相关分析讨论,详见以下全文。


During my study of managing performance improvement, I have some knowledge of human resource development (HRD) and the relationship between HRD and human resource management (HRM). This paper is mainly talking about HRD. In order to get the useful information I searched the internet and books. A discussion of the definition of HRD is presented, followed by another discussion of the role of HRM and HRD. Finally, the impact of economic and social globalization have on HRD are discussed.

Definitions of Human Resource Development (HRD)

HRD has been defined by a lot of people. One of the definitions is that “HRD is the framework for helping employees develops their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training……succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development” ( Heathfield 2009). This one considers HRD only as an framework organized by organizations, and it point out key employee identification is a part of HRD.

Our course leader’s idea is that “it is a combination of structured & unstructured learning & performance based activities which develop individual & organizational competency, capability& capacity to cope with & successfully manage change” (Simmonds& Pedersen 2006). For this idea, HRD has a broader extent that it can be either structured or unstructured, and HRD’s main purpose is to gain ability, competency or capacity to deal with changes.

Then there is another definition. It thinks HRD is “Organized learning activities arranged within an organization in order to improve performance and/or personal growth for the purpose of improving the job, the individual, and/or the organization (Gilley& Eggland 1989, p. 5). HRD includes the areas of training and development, career development, and organization development.” (Robert& Mitchill 1995). This one also thinks HRD should only be organized, and in it’s point of view, HRD’s goal is simply to improve the job, the individual, and/or the organization.

In my point of view, I would agree more with Simmonds& Pedersen’ s idea. I think HRD should be either organized or unorganized because that besides all kinds of organized learning activities employees can also learn and improve themselves by personal readings or something else. Since this world is changeable, one company can survive only if it changes itself to suit for the environment. So I think the aim of HRD should be to gain the ability, competency or something else to make individual and organization to be more competitive, more changeable to the environment and have more advantages than others. Of course HRD is related to strategic human resource management (HRM), and their roles are discussed by a lot of people.

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