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英国留学生作业:Discussion Strategic development of H

What are the key features of strategic human resource development? A critical discussion and evaluation of key theoretical perspectives on contemporary human resource development. Human resource development in practice.
In this centuryThesis is provided by UK thesis base of learning organisations there is a growing interest in human resource development (HRD) as it is seen as an opportunity to gain and maintain an organisation’s competitive advantage through its people and their knowledge as well as skills. In a number of successful organisations learning and development at work changed the short-term training interventions and HRD became a powerful management tool. It is now linked to such organisational issues as performance management, change management, organisational learning and, therefore, HRD is getting a more strategic focus within the organisation (Bratton & Gold 2003). However, since the discipline of HRD is still developing there are various debates and discussions about its real meaning.
Firstly, this essay will concentrate on theoretical perspectives of contemporary HRD and try to identify the factors that influenced the emergence of strategic approach to it. Secondly, the question of the key features of strategic HRD will be discussed. Finally, to get the critical understanding of how these theoretical arguments work in practice a case study of Russells Ltd will be analysed. The main issues and the problems that the company faces will be diagnosed and some of the HRD strategy suggestions addressing it will be provided.

1. Human resource development in theory
As has been stated above the concept of HRD is still developing and evolving. McLean and McLean (2001 cited in Sandler-Smith 2008, p 14) define HRD as ‘any process or activity that, either initially or over the long term, has the potential Thesis is provided by UK thesis base develop adults’ work-based knowledge, expertise, productivity and satisfaction, whether for personal or group/team gain or for the benefit of an organisation, community, nation or ultimately the whole humanity’. Tseng & McLean (2008) suggest there are three professional practice issues that are usually involved in the definition of HRD: learning, performance and change. At the breakdown of the twenty-first century the industrial world has seen a range of changes that influenced HRD concept and practice as well (Reid et al 2004). It is probably impossible to analyse it all in this short essay but some of it is worth mentioning.
1.1. Contemporary human resource development

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