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Human Resources dissertation sample-Evaluation of Human Reso

Human Resources dissertation sample,Title of the proposed investigation

Evaluation ofHuman Resources Training for New Employees--- A Case Study of the Lenovo Group, China

Key words:
Human Resources Training
New Employees
Lenovo Group
Globalisation / Multinational companies

1. Introduction
1.1 Aims of the research

As competition becomes more and more severe, enterprises face the challenges how to effectively manage human resources. A number of researches puts different aspects of HRM as its focus, some emphasize theoretical analysis; others are engaged in particular field or industry. Employee Training and Development is one of important aspects in human resources management. Mathis and Jackson (2002) indicate that organizations need to keep fresh and dynamic to compete and be flexible to change and that HR training and Development is one of the most effective ways to improve and update the skills and capabilities of employees.

Human Resources dissertation sampleHowever, employee Training and Development is still a topic too big for this dissertation to cover all. What’s more, new employee training has significant meaning for the companies and employees. First, the new staff training is significant for enterprises. If the recruitment is the beginning of new employees’ management, then the new staff training is the continuation of the management of new employees. The importance of this management is to introduce enterprise development lies in the history, development strategy and operation characteristics and enterprise culture and management system to new employees, which has a great stimulation for new employees to engage in the work. After new employees clearly know the rules and regulations of the enterprise, employees can realize self management, save the management cost. Through the training required by the positions, new staff training can quickly be competent for jobs, and improve work efficiency, and achieve good work performance, achieve maximum result with little effort. Through the new employee training managers become more familiar with new employees, which lay the foundation for the future management. Second, the new employee training is meaningful for the individual. The new staff training for individual is a process to understand and be familiar with enterprise, through understanding the enterprise, for one thing can alleviate the strangeness of the new environment and the resulting mental pressure of new employees, on the other hand, it can reduce the impractical ideas of new employees on enterprise, correctly look at the enterprise working standards, requirements and treatment, moreover, do long-term work in the enterprise. The new employee training is a new employee career new starting point, the new employee training means new employees must give up the original values, norms and behavior, and adapt to the new organization behavior targets and work style. That is why the training for new employees is chosen as specific topic in this research.

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