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ARCH1230 Extended Bibliography
(updated 7/09)
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- This Bibliography has been compiled over many years and referencing styles have undergone several minor changes in the interim so there
英国论文网is some variation and some references have been cut and pasted from catalogues, other lists etc. and not always re-formatted.
- Some entries also contains information or advice in [ ]; do not reproduce the text in these brackets in your Bibliography or List of
- Some AV items may no longer be available in the University library.
900 neighbours [videorecording]. Sydney: ABC, 2007.
ABC Radio JJJ. Living for the City, 1992. [5 audio cassettes, 450 mins.]
ABC Radio National, 2008, Life Matters, There goes the Neighbourhood, 4 April.
ABC Radio National, Boyer Lecture, 16 October 1988. Alternative Directions for Australian Housing Policy, by Hugh Stretton.
ABC Radio National, The Coming Out Show, 1986. Bea Miles Shelter for Homeless Women.
ABC Radio National. Background Briefing, 19 June 1990, Housing Now: the Journey Home.
ABC Radio National. Background Briefing, 7 February 1999, Social Exclusion.
ABC Radio National. Oral History, 28 January 1987, Back Yards and Gardens.
ABC Radio National. ‘Encounter’, ‘Renewing the Neighbourhood’ 11 February 2007.
ABC Radio National. Encounter, 23 June 2002, In God’s Backyard.
ABC Radio National. Ockham’s Razor, 1 February 2004, Planning Our Suburbs - Sound Policies Or Fads.
ABC Television, Nobody’s Children. 190 mins. Sydney, NSW : ABC TV Documentary Unit, c1989.
ABC Television. ‘’Attitude. ‘Wards of the streets.’ 42 mins.. Sydney: ABC, 1993, videocassette.
ABC Television. ‘No place like home.’ ‘Nobody’s Children.’ 103 mins. Sydney : ABC, 1989, videocassette.
ABC Television. ‘Nobody’s Children: Somebody now (nobody's children seven years on).’ 91 mins. Sydney : ABC, 1996,
ABC Television. ‘Out of the Mouths.’ 42 mins. Sydney, N.S.W. : ABC, 1989, videocassette.
ABC Television. Elsie. 30 mins.. Sydney: A.B.C., 1997, videocassette.
ABC Television. Lost in Space: Australians and Their Cities, 2 September 1992.
ABC Television. Compass. ‘Saving Claymore’. 27 mins. Videocassette, 2002.
ABC Television. The Great Australian Dreaming, 28 August 1992.
Adam, Peter. Architecture at the Crossroads. London: BBC, 1985. (video series)
Adams, Annmarie. Architecture in the Family Way: Doctors, Houses and Women 1870-1900. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University
Press, 1996.
Agrest, Diana, Patricia Conway and Leslie Wiseman (eds.). The Sex of Architecture. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1996.

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