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美国论文bibliographical格式-美国论文Annotated格式要求-The Chicago Manual o

美国论文bibliographical格式-The Chicago Manual of Style
Overview: This handout will show you how to create endnotes or footnotes and a bibliographyfor both print and electronic formats using The Chicago Manual of Style. Endnotes or footnotesprovide correct bibliographical citation for the sources noted by number in the text. Footnotesappear at the bottom of each page. Endnotes appear at the end of each chapter or at the end ofthe entire paper. Consult The Chicago Manual of Style for additional or more detailedinformation (ref desk Z 253 U69 1993) or go to ONLINE! A Reference Guide to Using InternetResources by Andrew Harnack and Eugene Kleppinger.
PRINT SOURCES(N= footnote/endnote B=bibliography)
Use a shortened format for subsequent references to the same work.
One author:
N 1. Emery Blackfoot, Chance Encounters (Boston: Serendipity Press, 1987), 67.
N 2. Blackfoot, 97.
B Blackfoot, Emery. Chance Encounters. Boston: Serendipity Press,1987.
Two authors:
N 3. Liam P. Unwin and Joseph Galloway. Peace in Ireland (Boston:Stronghope Press, 1990), 72.
N 4. Unwin and Galloway, 102.
B Unwin, Liam P., and Joseph Galloway. Peace in Ireland. Boston:Stronghope Press, 1990.
More than three authors: For works having more than three authors, a note citation shouldgive the name of the first-listed author followed by "et al." or "and others" without invertingpunctuation. In the bibliography entry, the usual practice is to list all of the authors. The name ofthe first author is inverted.
N 5. Charlotte Marcus et al. Investigations into the Phenomenon ofLimited-Field Criticism (Boston: Broadview Press, 1990), 134.
N 6. Charlotte Marcus and others. Investigations into the Phenomenonof Limited-Field Criticism (Boston: Broadview Press, 1990), 134.
N 7. Marcus et al., 175.
B Marcus, Charlotte, Jerome Waterman, Thomas Gomez, and Elizabeth
DeLor. Investigations into the Phenomenon of Limited-Field Criticism.
Boston: Broadview Press, 1990.Corporate author:
N 8. International Monetary Fund, Surveys of African Economies, vol. 7,
Algeria, Mali, Morocco, and Tunisia (Washington, D.C.: International
Monetary Fund, 1977), 27.
N 9. International Monetary Fund, 46.
B International Monetary Fund. Surveys of African Economies. Vol.7, Algeria,
Mali, Morocco, and Tunisia. Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund, 1977.
Edition other than the first:
N 10. John N. Hazard. The Soviet System of Government, 5th ed. (Chicago:University of Chicago Press, 1980), 132.
B Hazard, John N. The Soviet System of Government. 5th ed. Chicago:
University of Chicago Press, 1980.
Edited work, compilation, or translation: The name of the editor, translator, or compiler takes
the place of the author when no author appears on the title page. In notes and bibliography, the

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