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英国硕士论文写作指导-Royal Holloway, University of London Student Proj

Royal Holloway, University of London
School of Management
Student Project and Dissertation Handbook
Royal Holloway, University of London
School of Management
Student Project and Dissertation Handbook
Table of Contents
1. Introduction________________________________________________________3
2. The Nature of the Project_____________________________________________3
3. Choosing a Suitable Topic for the Project_______________________________4
4. The Formal Research Proposal________________________________________7
5. The Role of the Academic Supervisor__________________________________9
6. Research Methods_________________________________________________10
7. Reading List______________________________________________________11
8. Planning and Managing Your Project__________________________________12
9. The Final Dissertation______________________________________________14
10. Referencing______________________________________________________16
11. Plagiarism_______________________________________________________20
12. Assessment_____________________________________________________23
13. Filing and Publication_____________________________________________24
14. Provisional Dissertation Timetable __________________________________26
Appendix: Using JISC Plagiarism Detection Service_______________________27
1. Introduction
The research project/dissertation is a very important part of your Master’s degree. It is an opportunity to learn and practise researching and writing skills, which you will need in your career. It is the part of the programme where you can apply the analytical and problem-solving techniques you have acquired during your studies to pursue a specialist interest in greater depth. Students find the project demanding but at the same time one of the most rewarding aspects of their Master’s.
The purpose of this guide is to help you approach your dissertation effectively. Every project is different: there is no single right way, but many wrong ways to do research. However, with clarity of purpose, careful planning and good organisation, you will save time and achieve more.
If you have a problem once you have begun your project, your supervisor will be the first person to contact on many issues. However, administrative problems should be referred to the School of Management Reception, and any further academic problems should be brought to the attention of the Programme Director. Please note that dissertations have to be prepared by the deadlines set by the School of Management and will only be deferred in extenuating circumstances and on the judgement of the Director of Graduate Studies.
2. The Nature of the Project
The dissertation project is not intended to be an original contribution to knowledge, but it should demonstrate your ability to collect data systematically, organise your findings, and ensure that your research results are presented in a cogent and clear manner.

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