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How to Writing Dissertation:Choose a Good Guide

Taken from the Good Practice Guide:
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Writing Your Dissertation
The length of your thesis Dissertation is provide by Custom Thesis http://ukthesiss.com/ normally be between 10,000-12,000 words.Quantity does not equal quality:a well-organised,tightly-argued thesis of 10,000 words is obviously preferable to a work of over 12,000 words where unclear methods and findings are embedded in much verbose and unnecessary'padding'.We recommend that you should aim for 10,000.This can only be approximate,since most theses will contain material other than text:tables,charts,and perhaps examples of language data.The final version,including appendices and references,is usually between 60-80 pages long. Some theses could be a good deal shorter than this,it depends entirely on the type of data and methodology you are using.Your supervisor will be able to tell you if the scope and detail,and hence the length,is appropriate.
Some General Tips
A golden rule is to write down as much as you can from as early on as you can-and your task will become easier.There are several good reasons for this advice.
For some people,actually getting thoughts and methods down on paper presents one f the biggest stumbling blocks.If you feel this way,take comfort that this is a ommon feeling.However,this must be overcome early in the process.Quite often,it s difficult to spot the flaws in your reasoning until it is set out on paper,so you are well dvised to write up bits and pieces in draft as early as possible.Early sessions with our supervisor should be followed by a period where you get down on paper and evelop ideas that have been mentioned.When you are selecting subjects,early on, rite down the way they were selected.That description can probably go straight into he'subjects'section of your method,with a little editing.
Another reason for writing early on is that your supervisor will want to see your easoning is committed to paper;supervisions based on loose discussion can be a aste of time.Some supervisors claim that the most frequent advice they give tudents is to"go away and write down everything you have just said".One of the easons why you might be reluctant to do this is lack of confidence.Many people who ave not written such an extended piece of work before are diffident about committing heir critical thoughts and methodology descriptions to paper.Try to rise above this!If ou have successfully completed a Master's course,there is no reason why you should ot also be able to complete your thesis with a minimum of difficulty.
A more positive reason for getting down to it early is that you will be pleasantly urprised at how many words it takes to put down your ideas.The daunting task of 0,000 to 12,000 words does not seem nearly so unattainable when you realise how any thousands you have already written on literature review and a description of ethodology.Taken from the Good Practice Guide:

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