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University :BritainPlymouth Business School BA Accounting andFinanceDegree
 Final Year Project Handbook 2009/10

Business plan


This article is written about an idea that I had it about 1 year from Ifirst came to Plymouth. It is not like other people’s big idea for afamouscompany such as work together with Coca Cola or to be a boss to open acompany, Thesis is provided by UK thesis base http://www.ukthesisit is just make a business plan for my boss also my friend Mr.Zhen; he is a owner of a Chinese take away named East Eat. Mr. Zhen isavery friendly man and he is also a shrewd businessman, when I told himabout my business plan, he felt a great interest in it, and thendecided totry to carry out it. There have lot of advantages about writing abusinessto a company than run a business yourself. One hand is you do not havetotake risks and invest a lot of money and worry about it will lose yourmoney, but you also can earn a not low profit. On the other hand, youdonot have to run the business; you will have more time to do otherthingsyou want and to try different type business.

My business plan is to provide the Chinese take away lunch box for the student in City College of Plymouth who have class in the morning and afternoon that they must have lunchatschool.
For easy to carry out this business plan, there are fifteendishesat total, and the East Eat will provide only three dishes and rice intheset meal, but the three dishes will change every day. The set meal issamefor every student so it will reduce the difficult to carry out thebusinessfor the East Eat. There are many students are complaining they do notlikethe food which supply by the dining room of the City College ofPlymouth.And when I was in the College I had the same problem about what can Ieattoday, so I can catch on the children’s demanded.The food that we provide is the real Chinese food. Why call it a realChinese food? Because almost all the Chinese take away currentlyprovidethe easy Chinese food, it just use sauce to season, but real Chinesefooduse oils, salt, soybean sauce and vinegar to season, it can make foodmoredelicious and healthy. So the food provided by the Chinese take away isfitfor the UK people, and most Chinese student did not very like it. Butwewill provide the most authentic Chinese food; all of the dish must beinaccordance with strict steps of Chinese cooking. Until now, there is noChinese take away do a business like this, we are the first, we canspeedydominate the market. In China, there is also lot of company to supplythenutritional set meal to the students in the school every day; it haslot ofprofit in this business. Why not to try it in the lovely Plymouth? Tobethe one and to take the big challenge! It will become the new beginningforthe Chinese take away! East eatThe Chinese take away locates in 392s Wolseley Road (PL2 2ED). Itsphone is361932. It usually opens every day from 5:00 pm to 11: pm. (bankholiday isstill open.) Like other Chinese take away, there have not manyemployees,one Chef and also the boss of this take away can cook the all the dishtheyprovide, his wife is cooking the rich and noodles, there have one stufftake over the fried food, one stuff for answer the phone call, andtherealso have 1 to 2 delivery drivers to do the delivery job. It spendlowerwage of employees, low material fees, but can gain a very good profit.Ithas been opened for 4 years, it a wealth of experience to keep foodwarmand good taste. East eat also have a good reputation in the area whereitdo the delivery. The boss and his wife have lot of experience for thiswork, they already done this job in different Chinese take away for tenyears. So for them, to carry out this business plan is a piece of cake!

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