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英国留学生论文写作需求:Project Study regulations

University of Leicester

International Study Centre

Project Study regulations and guidelines:For all ISC students undertaking Project Study

Word length - 1500

Completing your project

1. Key information

英国留学生论文• All students must undertake a module called ‘Project study’ on any of the pathway foundation programmes at the International Study Centre.

• The project must be handed in at the end of term 3.

2. Project supervision form SF1

• The school office will advise students as to the date that the Project Supervision form must be handed in. This form, available from the school office and attached as an appendix to this guide, must be completed by yourself and signed off by the relevant supervisor.

3. Choosing a subject area for your project

• You must choose a general subject area that has some relationship with your chosen pathway. For example, a student studying on the Business pathway can choose a topic within Economics, such as the growth of the Chinese economy, or any other related subject area from any of the modules within the pathway.

• If you are not sure what subject area to choose, please seek advice from your personal tutor, subject tutors or Programme Manager. We are all here to guide you in the right direction.

4. Choosing a supervisor and completing the supervision form

• Once you have chosen your subject area, you will need to find a supervisor willing to guide you through the project module. Different tutors have different academic interests. Please see the Programme Manager if you fail to confirm the choice of a supervisor before the deadline of handing in form SF1.

• You will need to complete the first part of SF1 and ask your supervisor to sign your form. This includes an explanation as to how you intend to achieve the objectives of your project. The simplest way to do this is to use your project to ask a question For example – ‘Why has the economy of China grown faster than the UK in recent years?’ You then need to explain the process that you will follow to answer the question. Please consider the following issues at this stage;

What data/materials will you need?
Where do you intend to find these materials?
Is your question manageable? (don’t make the enquiry too difficult or require information that you have no way of collecting!)
How can I link the data I collect to the question itself?
What knowledge of the subject area will I need?

• There are 3 possible routes at this stage;

(1) The supervisor is happy with your subject area, your approach and signs the form. Please then hand in SF1 to the school office.

(2) The supervisor requires you to make an alteration to your title or to change the approach. Please make the required alterations and go back to your supervisor.

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