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Methodology范文-Methodology格式范文-怎么写Methodology?Chapter 3: Methodology

DHL works to create a flexible, cost reducing solution to match with customers’ distribution and fulfillment needs in areas of (1) Logistics network (2) CRS in China (3) Air express operation (4) Supply Chain Logistics (5) Expansion Driver (6) Quality Service of DHL
DHL is the world leader in global Express Shipping and ships more global packages as compared to rest of them. Result is more customers’ trust DHL with their package no matter it’s around the world or around China. (DHL, 2010).

3.1 DHL logistics network in China
DHL has expanded its own operational presence to most key commercial centers in China that represent over 35 per cent of the express market. China is not only the factory of the world, but also generates tremendous opportunities to a Global Logistics industry. Due to the need of the logistics network laid, Logistics companies chose to set up a lot in all parts of the country their subsidiaries and affiliates, and many times from DHL clients received a single goods through several subsidiary to finish, but every many turnover issued turnover.
Rich with potential, the Asia Pacific Region continues to offer multinational companies varied and exciting markets in which to make their mark. The express transportation industry is no stranger to the region, and recent times have seen companies such as DHL taking advantage of the opportunities with further expansion into certain markets. DHL have also been making inroads in the Chinese market, with plans to have three new gateways by the end of this year--in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen--each with bonded warehouse facilities. The company's presence in China is in the form of a joint venture partnership with China's Nationwide Sinotrans. By the end of 2002, DHL-Sinotrans aims to be operating 50 joint venture offices in China, serving more than 1000 towns and cities, with commercial aircraft uplift from 11 gateway ports, including the three new ones.
China is one of 40 Asia Pacific countries and territories served by DHL, which is currently expanding and upgrading existing infrastructure in the region at a cost of about $720 million. In 2006, sinotrans- that China has become DHL –sinotrans DHL network in the world and the fastest growing market for DHL Asia-pacific and has important strategic significance. That same year, DHL-sinostrans- “China’s first” strategic was released priority strategy, China include investment about 240 million dollars, to increase the ability of DHL-sinostrans. Business and further promote DHL fully demonstrated the rapid growth of China express logistics market, and support the development of the Chinese economy long-term commitment (Peterson et al, 2000) Invest in China market. DHL business, but also increase the investment to the business facilities. DHL-Sinostrans LTD announce the establishment of two intercontinental respectively in China (2004 and 2007)- Hong Kong transit center of Asia and north transport transshipment center in Shanghai. Shanghai transportation center of investment projects, is generated $1.75 DHL-sinostrans LTD- in the single largest investment projects.

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