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3.1 Research philosophy
To solve any problem, people need to choose the appropriate methods. To research a topic, in order to make it efficient, the most important thing is choose a method which is suitable for researching. The methodology is the study of the way to solve the problem and get the knowledge. There are many types of methods which easy to be know as methodology, for example, in our daily life, reading, listening, watching, choosing, questioning summarizing, organizing, writing, presenting, reflecting. Through reading, people know more knowledge, through choosing, people work out the best one, though summarizing, people conclude some complex thing into simple, through organizing, people make some disorder things in logical way. These kinds of methods, we uses in high frequency, but it is not methodology, there are other kinds of methods we uses in some professional reports and academic reports, and has more philosophical meaning. It is about the approach and paradigm which could insist on the research.

This part will discuss the method of this research project will be used, include qualitative research and quantitative research; they are questionnaire, interview and case study. Methodology is very useful to students do research project, many methods can be used. Methodology derives from the Greek words “methods”, methodology is a way to study and research some knowledge what people have known, it includes many ways for instance: questionnaire, interview, observation etc. Methodology actually is a combine of many methods, can be considered some study and research ways. In other words, methodology is a system for studying and researching knowledge, using various methods to understand, to help specific research project.

Although, many methods are composed this system, there are three very specific points when in social research, reliability, replication and validity, or we can say these three points are the characteristic.

Reliability: “reliability is concerned with the question of wether the results of a study are repeatable”(Bryman 2008). Bell.J claimed that reliability is the extent to which a test or procedure produces similar results under contempt conditions on all occasions. (Bell,J 2005) If one project has this characteristic also can be re-test. Replication: firstly, replication is similar as the reliability, but not the same. According the text book, we can know some about the replication, “It sometimes happened that researchers choose to replication the findings of others”. (Bryman 2008) Why the researcher choose this, because they have some different reason, for example, they might feeling the results before are not match other evidence. So, replication is not repeat but renew. Validity: validity is the most important characteristic of research, it has four main types, they are “measurement validity, internal validity, external validity and ecological validity”.(Bryman 2008) According the text book, validity means credible, this is the most important for any research project. According to the topic of this study, the author prefer to use questionnaire, interview and case study as research methods.

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