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Methodology格式样本:using mixed methods research

Chapter III Methodology格式样本

3.1 Research Design: The research will be done by using mixed methods research, which combines quantitative and qualitative research. It includes both a questionnaire for future luxury hotel customers and an interview for hotel managers.

3.2 Sampling Technique: The samples of the research study are students from hotel school, as they are potential future luxury star-hotel customers. The samples have been divided by nationalities, ages and different backgrounds. The samples for the interview are hotel managers from different hotels in different countries.

3.3 Data Collection Plan
This research uses both primary and secondary data.

3.3.1 Primary Data: The primary data will be using questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaires will use ranking methods and choice questions. The interviews last around 30 minutes, using open Methodology格式样本questions, the questions prepared by the researcher. The entire interview is recorded.

3.3.2 Secondary Data: Besides the primary data, the researcher also uses secondary data. The secondary data resources include books, articles in journals, electronic database (Bryman & Bell). The secondary data is used to build the literature review. Due to the abundant secondary data, it could also provide comparative data for the researcher.

3.4 Reliability and Validity

3.4.1 Reliability:
The questionnaire will be sent out during a 3 week period and all the questions are related to the research objectives, in order to make sure that the result is stable over time.

3.4.2 Validity:
In order to enhance the validity, the questionnaire was tested carefully to avoid errors owing to misinterpretation or misunderstanding. The researcher uses clear instructions and simple wording to ensure that the responses will be valid.
3.5 Analysis of Data:
The researcher will apply descriptive statistics to summarize and present the collected data. Right after receiving the data, the researcher will be analyzing it by using the SPSS program. Collected data Methodology格式样本from the questionnaires will be mainly nominal and ordinal data. Therefore bar charts and pie charts will be most suitable for displaying the data (Collis and Hussey, 2003). Except for the open questions, the researcher will summarize and present the data in tables.

3.6 Limitation:

During the research process, there will be two main limitations. The first one is the limitation of samples available for the questionnaire. Since the researcher has only chosen students from hotel school, Methodology格式样本the sample size is very limited. The second limitation is that the interview sample size is also small.


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