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1. Introduction
In this study, the market is divided into segments according to factors influencing the foreign consumers in selecting Chinese restaurants, and the consumers are divided into different groups by the way of market segments, they are “physiological needs”, “common consumption” and “careful consideration”. In the meanwhile, the restaurant selection factors and service quality assessment are analyzed and simplified into several factor combinations, which aims to discuss whether there is differential correlation between factors of them, whether the service quality of Chinese restaurants affects the foreign 留学生论文网consumer’s satisfaction, and whether their satisfaction affects their behavioral intention.
In order to study the significance of Chinese restaurant’s service quality to foreign consumers, their satisfaction as well as the influence upon their behavioral intention, in this study, sample restaurants are chosen as non-fast food and middle-high price-level restaurants with a certain level of service. Such restaurants provide seats and table service, as well as an opportunity to observe the interaction between consumers and staffs.
1.1 Philosophy
This study is going to use positivism as its philosophy, because in this study that “the researcher is independent of and neither affects nor is affected by the subject of the research” (Remenyi et al.,1998). It is frequently advocated that the positivist researcher will be likely to use a highly structured methodology in order to facilitate replication (Gill and Johnson, 2002). However, this may not necessarily since it is perfectly possible to adopt some of the characteristic of positivism in the research. As in this study, researcher developed hypotheses which will be tested and confirmed.
1.2 Approach and Data Type
As it is said in the philosophy that this study developed hypotheses, which makes the approach of this study is deduction. It is the dominant research approach in the natural sciences, where laws present http://ukthesiss.com/Thesis_Tips/Methodology/the basis of explanation, allow the anticipation of phenomena, predict their occurrence and therefore permit them to be controlled (Collis and Hussey, 2003). In the deduction possesses, the search to explain causal relationships between variables, deduction possesses also dictates that the researcher should be independent of what is being observed.
An important characteristic of deduction is that in deduction possesses concepts need to be operationalised in a way that enables facts to be measured quantitatively. This means that the data type of this study is quantitative. Many business statistics textbooks classify quantitative data into data types using a hierarchy of measurement, often in ascending order of numerical precision.(Diamantopoulos and Schlegelmilch, 1997; Morris, 2003). These different levels of numerical measurement dictate the range of techniques available to you for the presentation, summary and analysis of your data.

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