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怎么写METHODLOGY?管理类留学生作业METHODLOGY写作样本-关于EDMS PSM在飞利浦电子文件管理系统的

怎么写METHODLOGY?管理类留学生作业METHODLOGY写作样本为例-关于EDMS PSM在飞利浦电子文件管理系统的应用状态。(1)哪些EDMS都用在飞利浦?(2)什么组件这些系统有哪些?(3)什么是这些EDMSs的表现?(4)有什么好处和问题呢?这些问题是本文的核心。它们是:(1)如何选择最好的EDMS PSM?(2)为什么这个工具是PSM的最佳选择?(3)什么是文件管理PSM现状如何?(4)如何取代目前的文件,这EDMS的管理方式?(5)什么是财政后果和该项目的风险?我们可以找到最好的EDMS PSM和实施PSM它成功。

1.1 Research problems
To begin with, research questions will be summed up. These research questions will help aid in getting necessary information needed. Some of these questions will be asked to expert during the interview. Research questions that may help in getting the relevant information needed are:

Firstly, we need to know the application states of EDMS in Philips. These problems we need to learn from experts during the interview are:
(1) Which EDMS are used within Philips?
(2) What do the components these systems have?
(3) What are the performances of these EDMSs?
(4) What are the benefits and problems?

Secondly, we need to research some questions that include those problems Philips is facing and want to us to solve with it together. So these questions is the core of this essay. They are:
(1) How to choose the best EDMS for PSM?
(2) Why this tool is the best option for PSM?
(3) What is the current status of document management in PSM?
(4) How to replace the current document management way to this EDMS?
(5) What are the financial consequences and risks of this project?
Through investigating and researching these questions, we can find the proper method to solve Philips’ trouble. We can find the best EDMS for PSM and implement it in PSM successfully.

1.2 Research method: Interview
Before the EDMS can be built in Philips Supply Management department, the first thing is to investigate existent document management systems in Philips. How does it work, and what is the content and configuration of documentation management system.  Therefore some interviews will be carried out.
Interview with:
1. Mr. Gerard Smook  Senior Quality Manager, Philips Healthcare Quality Systems
2. Ms. Nicole Swinkels     Process and Systems for Supply Management, Philips Healthcare
3. Mr. Nick Baselmans     Manager Quality & Processes, Philips General Purchasing
4. Mr. Reinier Nijman  Global Process Owner Purchase-to-pay, Finance Excellence Network

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