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哲学与方法论的多元主义困境讨论-Critique-A Researcher’s Dilemma- Philosophic

A Researcher’s Dilemma- Philosophical andMethodological Pluralism mainly discusses the problem of choosing research philosophy and research methods, this criticism will from structure, content, 留学生论文网underlying principle and assumptions and methods to criticize this paper.
1. Structure
In general, the form of the basic reasoning used in the article determines the form of the internal structure of an article’s (Alan Bryman, 1988). This article is to explore the choice of research philosophy and research methods, which is reflected in the structure is its bringing forward the problem of the choice of research philosophy and research methods at the beginning of the paper. In the middle of the paper, it analyzes the relationship between research philosophy and research methods and reviews the related research findings currently. At the end of the paper, it puts forward recommendations, which have echoed the issues raised at beginning of this article, the overall structure is very reasonable. In terms of organizing the material, it is in accordance with the increasingly deep content to arrange the material, and the latter part has a direct logic contact with the former, the arrangement is clear, and the expression is detailed. The view which may not be expressed clearly in the former part has been complemented in the latter part. The arguments have been structured in accordance with the development of illuminating, its structure is rigorous and thinking is smooth, there is no non-repetitive or contradictory place.
This article mainly discusses that the choice of research methods can not be restricted to research philosophy, but it does not explore the role of guidance that research philosophy plays in the choice of research methods, which has been confirmed by the development of the practice. The paper has confirmed a side but neglected the other. Since when discusses the opposite and united relations of a thing, it is essential to conduct the analysis and comparison from two contradictory aspects: positive and negative, neglecting one aspect will lead to one-sidedness issue (Watson, J. W., 1983).

2. Content
It has mentioned in the thesis the choice of research philosophy and research methods. It thinks that the relationship between research philosophy and research methods is elective affinity, it does not mean that once the research philosophy has been confirmed, the research method must be fixed, I think this formulation is correct. As we know that research methods themselves are not right or wrong, only when they are linked with research questions and other factors in the process of research, can they be measured if they are suitable. As Kuhn (Kuhn, 1994), the initiator of research philosophy has said that, "there is no research philosophy which can solve all the problems. Despite quantitative research and qualitative research have different philosophical basis, different research purposes, different research process and different subjective components, but in practice they are often mixed together. In the early 20th century, Weber tried to combine two research philosophy to address their respective partial trend of these two researches. He had tried to find the middle ground between the two to integrate these two perspectives. In 1950's, Campbell and Fiske (1955) proposed the thought of "multiple operation", which advocates that to make use of a number of ways to avoid the arbitrary in methodology to ensure the validity of the results.

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