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英国留学生论文PROJECT OUTLINE-Research Proposal-Research Methods an

Project title: Research Proposal

Program: S6

Course: Research Methods and Report Writing

Faculty responsible: John S. Rowlson, Ph. D.

Internship report due: January 28, 2011 (12:00) at reception

Optional Proposal Draft: at least 24 hours before the scheduled tutorial.

Final Dissertation Proposal Due: May 2, 2011 (13:30) at reception

Project Overview:
To enable students to produce a Research Proposal through Research Methods and Report Writing Course with specific workshops in research methods techniques and writing skills.

Overall Aim:
To enable students to produce a business research proposal related to a focused and specific topic that is of an acceptable standard to be used in the preparation for the dissertation.


Learning Outcomes:

1. To identify and discuss with well-reasoned and academically supported arguments an issue or business related problem that is based on academic theories, models, concepts, principles found in academic sources of information and knowledge in the design of a business or management related research proposal.

2. To clearly define and state the aim and objectives that directly link to all chapters of the study.

3. To structure a systematic research process using an appropriate application of quantitative and/or qualitative research methods for data collection, analysis, interpretation and triangulation of data.

4. To design a means to systematically collect data, accurately identifying and defining the data to be sought and the means in which it will be used in this study, to identify where this data can be found, how the access to this data will be obtained, as well as how the validity and reliability (for quantitative methods) and verification and creditability (for qualitative methods) of this data will be determined.

5. To define and design a systematic process to analyse and/or interpret data identifying statistical procedures that will be used to analyse the data, or the interpretive processes to be applied to the data to be collected with a discussion of the meaning and significance of the analysis and interpretation of the potential results of this study.

Organization (Chapter Outline in this order):
Title Page
Aims and Objectives
Literature Review
Research Methodology

Assessment weighting: 100% of the total grade.

Dissertation/Independent Research Study Proposal Marking Criteria:

• Title Page, Introduction 15 %
o Title: specific and consistent with Aim
o Introduction
 Provides the rationale from a business research perspective
 Introduces the reader to the topic of research

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