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Proposal title: Analysis on strategic alliance in automobile

Proposal title拟定建议: Analysis on strategic alliance in automobile industry in China

There are many foreign automobile companies which are FDI in Chinese industry. These foreign companies almost have used strategic alliance as a way to organize business. In my dissertation, I will analysis strategic alliance of all foreign companies in China. Firstly, it will analyse the motivation of strategic alliance. Secondly, it will analyse the types of strategic alliance of foreign companies in China. Thirdly, it will compare and contrast different strategic alliance. Finally, it will discuss these strategic alliances performance。

I will collect the data which come from all the foreign automobile firms that choose strategic alliance in China. The data include the motivation of the strategic alliance (FDI), such as market share, export turnover and net profit are also necessary. Empirical research and official statement are needed. Moreover, types of strategic alliance of these companies, such as joint venture, equity strategic alliance, non-equity strategic alliance, and global strategic alliances.

Methodology: The method I use in research will be qualitative method. I can collect data from official website of these automobile companies, newspaper and journal.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Literature Review (performance)
3.0 Methodology
4.0 Finding and Analysis
4.1The motivation of FDI and strategic alliance
4.2. The types of strategic alliance of foreign companies in China
4.3 compare and contrast the effects of the strategic alliance among different firms (positive or negative)
5.0 Discussion http://ukthesiss.com/Thesis_Tips/Proposal/2012/0112/1021.html (performance)需要有个Measures 去Discuss 政策的performance…我还不知道用什么Measures。Measures是呼应Literature Review 的。。。

6.0 Conclusion
7.0 Reference


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