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瑞士留学生商业研究方法research proposal写作要求: Title:Business Research Methods

1. Research Proposal Assignment


You are required to write a research proposal that describes and justifies the research you will do for your dissertation. This assignment should aim to:
• Demonstrate that student has grasped current research topics in business research proposal and commerce in the within the Hospitality domain or education and training.
• Demonstrate a personal perspective upon research activities and processes.
• Develop a research topic of personal value and significance.
• Ability to write a research proposal.



Your proposal should be about 2000 words long and it will be marked on the following basis



Presentation: Your sections must be presented, in the correct order. Under this heading we shall consider the quality of word processing, English usage/ grammar, expression.

Literature review: should be concise, coherently argued, show evidence of reading (both in its content and in its structure/style) and lead from a more general background into the proposal itself.






Aims and objectives: should state the research question clearly (i.e. what you want to find out) and break this down into a number of different areas to be investigated.

Methodology: should explain how you intend to investigate your research question (your aim) and how you will fulfill each of your objectives. You should say why you chose this methodology, and how you expect it to answer your research question/ fulfill your objectives. Why is it likely to be better than other possible methods?

Time scale: should indicate realistically when each research activity will be carried out and how different activities may integrate together.

Deliverable date: 7th of September 2009 - 17h00-Reception
Format:  – 12 pt 1.5 spacing – Times New Roman or Arial – justified.

Important note:

Your literature review should be about 1000 words long and it should aim to:

• Set the scene for clear research aims and objectives.
• Include a wide variety of current and relevant academic literature.
• Support your claims and assertions with evidence (i.e. references to other authors’ work).
• Integrate quoted material properly into sentences.
• How a coherent argument, with clear transitions from paragraph to paragraph and section to section.
• Structure the topics you cover strictly into paragraphs that.
• Show clear evidence of your own evaluation and critical analysis

For this exercise it is absolutely essential that you understand issues of plagiarism, the difference between paraphrasing and quoting, and copyright requirements relating to quotes, tables and figures. Your work must be properly referenced; for this course it is very important that you can reference in your text and correctly prepare an end list of references.

You are also strongly advised to look at the way the authors of published articles write and reference their work, and to follow these models as closely as you can.

Remember, work that does not fulfil these requirements will automatically be referred for resubmission.

Based on the letter marking bands (e.g. A, B, C and so forth), Glion graduate skills (e.g. Knowledge, Analysis, Creativity, etc) are used to design, assess and grade student performance. The Academic Grading Policy (section 6.7) for Graduates should also be taken into account when designing and grading assessment as should the following performance bands:


Distinction: 90 and above (A- and above)
Pass: 70 - 74 (C+)
Fail: less that 70 (U, D-, D, D+, C-, C)


Graduate skills are used to calculate the students overall grade based on your graduate skill weightings.
Please see the Project Outline and Assignment Feedback sheet for further details.  A copy of the Dissertation Module (Advanced Level) Feedback Sheet is also given in Appendix.
Written feedback is also important and space is given in the Assignment Feedback sheets.

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