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argumentative essay: Argumentative Paper(3)

Outline for the Argumentative Paper

Preliminary Outline Format for the Argumentative Paper
Tentative Thesis Statement: Cities should implement teen curfews. ( Choose a side.)
First Opposing Argument: Those who do not support teen curfews argue that they are unfair to those minors who are well-behaved and responsible. ( Present an argument from those who oppose your thesis.)
Refutation and/or Concession: While the curfew may also affect those teens, the law is designed to protect responsible minors from being victims of crimes. ( Counter the opposing argument.) 
Second Opposing Argument: 
 Refutation and/or Concession:
 Third Opposing Argument:
 Refutation and/ or Concession:
 Additional Supporting Argument. If cities implement teen curfews, parents may be able to better control the activities of their children. ( Present an argument that supports your thesis. You may not repeat a reason used in a refutation.)
 Additional Supporting Argument:
 Additional Supporting ArgumentASSIGNMENTS
Submit a topic written in the form of a "should" question
Email a copy of the article you will use in the paper.
Submit the outline for the paper
Submit the final copy of the essay

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