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essay how to write:The Service Encounter Essay

The course work for this module carries a 100% weighting of the module mark. There are two sub-components: “The Service Encounter Essay” (90%) and “My Service Encounter Essay Reflections” (10%).


This individual assignment is a formal academic essay, which is worth 90% of the mark for the module and has a word limit of 10 pages (± 1 page), excluding the cover page, reference list, and appendices.


留学生论文网For students to become more aware of critical aspects of the service encounter from the perspectives of 1) customers and 2) services marketing scholars.


One of the aims of this service encounter essay is to analyse service encounters from a customer perspective. Most of us consume many services on a regular basis, but often not thinking about it in those terms. Examples or service encounters include (but are not limited to) banking (face-to-face, telephone and/or internet), dining out, buying a holiday from a travel agent, going to a dentist or doctor, having a haircut, getting the car serviced, going to a theatre or concert, having a garment dry cleaned, purchasing an insurance policy over the phone/internet, buying groceries on-line/in-store, having flowers delivered to someone.

In order to make you more aware of possible sources of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, you are asked to keep a Service Encounter Journal as a first step before you can write the essay itself.

Step 1

You are required to complete six service encounters (see below for a blank service encounter form), which should be typed and attached to the essay as separate appendices. The service encounters that you enter should be from a variety of types of services (refer to lecture notes and the textbook) that you have encountered during the term, and include examples of good and bad service from your personal perspective.

The best way to complete your journal is to make notes immediately following a particular incident. If you try to do your entries from memory, or to do too many at one time, the quality of the entries may suffer.

You should examine each Service Encounter using the theories discussed in the module. When you have completed your six entries in the Service Encounter Journal, the next step is to analyse the encounters to arrive at the factors that contribute to your satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Consider your own attitudes, behaviour(s), mood and contribution to the outcome when doing so. Then, you are ready to write up a 2-3 page analysis of your encounters, which is important to the quality of the essay in Step 2. The analysis should be attached with the Service Encounters in Appendix 1.

Step 2

Having analysed your Service Encounters, you should generate a list of the three most relevant theories/conceptual frameworks to your service encounters, which are the ones that the essay will be based on.

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