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Dissertation Proposal:THE PROJECT PROPOSAL (Un-graded but Co

THE PROJECT PROPOSAL (Un-graded but Compulsory)
Successful completion of an acceptable Project Proposal is necessary for effective progress onto Module MGT4131 / MGT4151. Guidelines for the preparation of the Project Proposal will be presented to you. This section, therefore, merely repeats the detail from these guidelines.

3.1 Introduction
Aside from developing learning outcomes in terms of Knowledge and Skills, your participation in your core and elective modules, in conjunction with the Management research training sessions that are a part of the MGT4131/4151 module, will have provided you with an opportunity to identify a) a suitable topic or theme for your dissertation and b) the appropriate methodological approach to undertake this 留学生论文网project. Having established a theme and chosen a methodology, you now need to prepare a project proposal.

This proposal must be about 2000 words in length (plus or minus 20%), conform to the structure laid out below in Section 3.2 of this document, and should be submitted by the date specified.

3.2 The Structure of the Proposal
The purpose of this section is to indicate to you both the information your supervisor will be looking for in a project proposal, as well as a checklist of fundamental elements of the proposal that you need to consider and include in your finished project. Aspects of the proposal may change over the duration of the project, but essentially decisions taken at this stage will shape the success of your project, so please give them your fullest consideration

A Draft Title
The title must seek to convey the nature of your project and should be fully explanatory when standing alone. Avoid excessively long titles. The recommended title length is about 8 to 10 words. Students may suggest a supervisor if appropriate but only with the member of staff having given prior consent.

Sets the scene and the context of your project. Provides commentary on the setting, environment and hence the origin of your project or the topic you are dealing with. The section clarifies where your proposal fits into the debate. In addition and if appropriate you may clarify where your proposal fits into the debate in the literature. In short, where your project fits in the broader context. This must not form a major part of your proposal and should not exceed around 250 words.

Initial Review of the Literature and Key References
The project seeks to make a contribution to existing knowledge, by solving an outstanding problem, testing an existing managerial concept or theory, or by extending an existing debate. All of the above require a knowledge of the wider academic literature. You should include a short review of the literature featuring at least ten key references (you may have already referred to more than one of these in the Background section), in addition to indicating the literature sources that will need to be examined in greater detail during the main course of the study. Ensure that you cite these sources correctly and list them in the references at the end of your proposal. Only include references that you have cited.

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