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怎么写Dissertation/thesis_怎么写Data Analysis?_怎么写Introduction?_怎么

How to Writing Dissertation/thesis?本文将给予一个完整的指导教你如何写作Dissertation/thesis。从“怎么写Data Analysis?怎么写Introduction?怎么写Literature Review怎么写Methodology怎么写Conclusions and Recommendations? ”给你一个全程式留学生论文写作指导服务。

Development Study: Chapter Guidelines
Please Note:
1. These notes should be read in conjunction with the suggested writing frame
2. it is suggested that each chapter is structured with an introduction, main body and summary / conclusion

Chapter 1 怎么写Introduction?Introduction
• Outline the nature of the research problem or question
• Explain why you chose this topic and why it is relevant
How to Writing Dissertation/thesis?Make it clear what the actual purpose of this research will be

Context /Background
• Give a detailed description of the context of the study and any relevant background (including historical, if appropriate)
• Provide the reader with enough detail to understand what your study is about
• Avoid any unnecessary or irrelevant material
• Emphasise any particular or unusual aspect of the research that you intend to focus on (perhaps because you think it is important or because it interests you).

• List three or four things that you hope to achieve or find out with this research
• Make your aims clear, concise and realistic

• Outline your research approaches, strategies and methods
• Identify the target group for your data collection

• Identify 4 or 5 key points about your study
• Give a brief overview of how the study will be structured
• Introduce the next chapter

Chapter 2 怎么写Literature ReviewPlease Note: this is the longest and possibly most difficult chapter of the report. Make sure your material is well organised by use of numbered side-headings and sub-headings. At the draft stage it should be carefully edited to remove any irrelevant material.

The review should:
• Be organised into 4 or 5 major ‘themes’ or topic areas
• Clearly show how these themes are linked together and how they are directly relevant to the study
• Closely follow the research aims / research areas of the study
• Set a theoretical framework for the study
• Identify key texts / information sources relevant to the research topic
• Review and critically analyse what others have written about the topic in general

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