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英国论文研究计划书提纲-英国论文研究计划书提纲格式-RESEARCH OUTLINE-英文论文研究提纲范例

英国论文研究计划书提纲-英国论文研究计划书提纲格式-RESEARCH OUTLINE-英文论文研究提纲范例
Working Project Title: A Critical Analysis on Female Leadership
The Research Question/s:
1. What are advantages/ disadvantages of female leaders?
ⅰadvantages: more responsibility and initiative; emphasis on practical work; good capabilities in communications.
ⅱdisadvantages: physical condition; women's character flaws; conflicts between female leaders’ work and families.
2. What reasons of lack of female leaders?
ⅰinfluence of traditional thinking
ⅱlimitations of physical condition
ⅲlimitations of character
3. Why should raise the important position of female leadership?
ⅰto meet the needs of harmonious society
ⅱphysiology and psychology show that female leaders have special capabilities in management
ⅲ practice and experience shows that women can become excellent managers.

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