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英国论文研究计划书提纲-英国论文研究计划书提纲格式-RESEARCH OUTLINE-英文论文研究提纲范例(5)

ⅰthe proportion of female leaders in these enterprises
ⅱthe roles female leaders play in these enterprises
ⅲ Compared with male leaders, what are advantages/ disadvantages of female leaders?
4.2 Questionnaire
List the statistical data of questionnaire according to the classified questions:
4.2.1 The current status of female leaders
4.2.2 Problems of female leaders faces in families/ society
4.2.3 Qualities of female leaders should have
4.2.4 Suggestion for female leaders to get more power

Chapter V Recommendation

On basis of the above results of interview and questionnaires, for purpose of raising female leadership, some recommendation will be proposed as following:
5.1 Make correct and reasonable use of personal power
5.2 Implement continuous self-improvement
5.3 Decision-making and coordination capacity are the direction of female leaders’ efforts.
Chapter VI Conclusion

6.1 Female leaders are the development trend of future organizations, and in the management of organization, the characteristics of women in full compliance with the future management, therefore grasping women's leadership has a profound and long-term significance in social development.

英国论文研究计划书提纲-英国论文研究计划书提纲格式-RESEARCH OUTLINE-英文论文研究提纲范例:Limitations of This Study and Suggestions for Further Academic Research
6.2 Limitation of the research
6.2.1 The dissertation maybe only carry out interviews in enterprises, the research results only has significance in the areas of female leadership in enterprises.
6.2.2 The dissertation maybe only chose female leaders in England and China as research objective, which may not have significance for females leaderships in other developing/ developed countries.
6.3 Suggestions for further academic research
6.3.1 The future academic research can be implement in a more spacious areas which include female leaders in both developing countries and developed countries.
6.3.2 The future academic research can choose research objective from all industries, which will make the research have significance in all areas.

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