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Dissertation Research Proposal-如何写关于IHRM方面的dissertation Prop

这个话题是让老师您选一个自己在IHRM方面有把握的TOPIC来写,是我们的毕业论文的Proposal. 这个单独计分算30%的成绩,大论文在明年5月写,如果老师写的不错我想大论文也让老师一起写,到时候我可以为我的大论文多付点钱但是一定要保证质量。
Dissertation Research Proposal
Use a topic that you might be interested in researching for your Masters dissertation and develop a research proposal. The proposal should include the following:

• The formulation of suitable research question(s)
• The selection of an area of literature to inform your study
• The identification of a population and a sample for the study
• The choice and justification of a set of qualitative research methods appropriate to the aim of the study
• The development of a qualitative research instrument (e.g. questionnaire, interview schedule, case study or studies, observation points, focus group, experiment) appropriate to the research.
Your proposal should cover the areas outlined below. The guidance notes are neither prescriptive nor exhaustive. You should provide as much detail as possible.

a) What is the aim or hypothesis of the dissertation
b) What are the specific objectives that will need to be fulfilled for the aim or hypothesis to be achieved
c) Explain the significance of the issue or issues you are intending to explore in your
d) dissertation. Describe any controversial aspects of the topic. What will your dissertation examine and why is this a worthy subject for a dissertation? Why do you find this an interesting area for a dissertation?
e) What academic literature will be useful to you and why? What models, concepts or theories seem to be relevant to your work at this point in time? Is there adequate academic literature on the topic and how do you know?
f) How will you gather primary data or information and what has made you decide on these methods? Explain and justify the research design, ie why are you going about the research in the manner you have decided and not some other way? Who are the target audience / respondents for any interviews and questionnaires and how will you gain access to these people?

1. A working title or research question
2. An outline of the contemporary business issue
Should include:
 What is your topic? What are you trying to achieve?
 Why is it worth researching?
 Why is it interesting, relevant, worthwhile, important?
3. An outline literature review
Points to consider:
 This should be an initial review of some of the key academic literature that you will use to inform your research

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