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留学生论文开题报告怎么写?The assignment is a research proposal for your

Assignment brief:
The assignment is a research proposal for your dissertation

Marking Criteria

1. A clear definition of the problem.
Clear objectives and parameters of the research. Say why the problem is important and where the boundaries of the research stop. Discussions with staff are essential at an early stage to ensure this.

2. A review that both describes the research situation and reviews what is known about the problem.
Think of this as ‘what we know about the problem so far’. The material reviewed has to be structured to meet yourobjectives rather than by author. In the proposal show that you are aware of the most important background material, and that this can provide a platform for you to work from, but the review in your final dissertation will probably cover additional material and will cover it in more depth. The review has to demonstrate a critical approach which considers the validity of previous work. It may also cover the methods used by previous research, as these may have implications for your own.

3. A ‘vertical thread’ between the objectives, review and methods.
This means that there will be a logical connection between the objectives, review and methods.
For example; if your problem requires a quantitative approach to data collection this will be reflected in your choice of methods. If you use questionnaires, construction and administration may be designed both to meet your objectives and to make your data comparable with some of that in the review. Your method of questionnaire sampling and administration will reflect the conduct of research in the review.
Or, if your problem is qualitative you would need to consider if you needed to use interviews, focus groups, or other qualitative methods. Sampling of interviewees, the choice of an open or closed interview structure, and the issues covered in your structure, would again reflect material in the review.

This means that the description of the background to the research and the review has to be sufficient to allow the reader to see the logical connections between these and the methods.

4. The use of research methods theory
As this proposal examines learning from the Research Methods module you should justify the methods you have chosen but also why you have rejected others. This demonstrates a broader appreciation of the theory on the module. (In your dissertation you are advised to take a more direct approach of just justifying what you are going to do.) Reference research methods texts where they have helped you clarify your ideas. Do not slavishly reproduce chunks of research methods text books – you have to explain your reasoning in your own words to be given credit for it. Do not ‘cut and paste’ descriptions of the methods in example proposals on the web site.

5. Details of research tools
Drafts of questionnaires, interview schedules or other tools should be in appendices. They show you have thought through the research in sufficient detail at this stage - but they may well still be modified later. Remember to cross reference them to the main text to justify their design.

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