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文献翻译:Urban Residential Area in Green

Abstract: Explore expansion of the urban population today, people in the face of external pressures, have physical and mental exhaustion, a need to find a comfortable living environment to adjust physically and mentally. Habitat for gatherings and the two related issues garden designers should attach great importance to it, Residential Area of green issues directly affecting the quality of live. We consider people's health and quality of life of Residential Area to the green ecological design, such people more harmonious with nature, people with more near-natural, in the design and configuration of the plant to achieve cleaner air and beautify the environment, regulation of physical and psychological purposes.
Key words: Residential area, Landscaping, ecological, Sustainable development
1. An urban landscape trend
As a living environment of urban areas, we must first understand the district is the request of the tenants, which the living green Landscape best to consider the life and leisure requirements. Requested by the modern quality of life around the material and spiritual lives of the start, in the material life to meet, gradually enrich the spiritual life today, it will pursue a more healthy, more affinity with their environments. Living green areas, we should consider not only the elements of the United States, but also give full consideration to the district housing the main -- the needs of Only by understanding these needs and, starting from this need for the design, necessary for the United States, can be achieved satisfactory results. Meet for a practical and aesthetic principles district design, and to the "people-oriented" ideology and ideological basis, a people standpoint, from the position to consider comprehensive, in the meantime, reaching people and the natural harmony. And the natural and harmonious development of urban development is a trend now; the future is now for a long time and has its correctness.
In the direction of the development of ecological garden since the 18th century, industrialized countries in the world are developing as a measure of the degree of economic power standards "considers the pursuit of the gdp growth is seen as building a powerful country with the sole objective of Power", the thinking in this direction, natural human right cause untold damage. But mankind will soon see their own for the world to play a negative impact in 1972 adopted a "Declaration on the Human Environment" 1982 "our common future", the first clear of the concept of sustainable development: "We meet the needs of the contemporary people, Without compromising the needs of future generations to meet the capacity of the development. "" sustainable development "theory in all attach great importance to and use to guide the district of the city greening direct manifestation of the emergence of Green Ecological Area landscape, According to landscape ecology principles and methods, and rational planning has space structure, so that the street Mosaic body and matrix elements of the landscape such as the number and distribution of a reasonable space, information flow, material flow and energy flow-through; so that the landscape is not only in keeping with the theory of ecology, but also a certain aesthetic value and suitable for human inhabitation.

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