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Literature Review Quantitative(Dissertation research proposa

Literature Review Quantitative
Quantitative study analysis and case study of Chinese multinational Personal Computer making enterprise ‘‘Lenovo’’.

Purpose of this research: Through study brand, product quality and Country of original question in rapid developed globalization environment to explore Country of Origin effect influence European consumer perception and product evaluation on China product.
Design/methodology/approach: Within a 2X2X1 (2: American and China X 2: Apple and Lenovo X European) experimental design, use quantitative study analysis and case study of Chinese multinational Personal Computer making enterprise ‘‘Lenovo’’.
Research limitation/implications:
Practical implications:
Key words: Brand, Brand image, Consumer, Product quality, Country of Origin, China, Lenovo.
Paper type: Research paper
1. Introduction
Today's understanding of brand takes it far beyond the somewhat simplistic view of brand that prevailed a decade ago, when it was viewed as a representation - a business or brand logo or tagline or advertising message. It's now more commonly defined as a set of expectations and associations evoked from experience with a company or product. It's all about how customers think and feel of what business or product actually delivers across the board. If the expectations, associations, and experiences are positive, the likely results are positive perceptions about the brand and measurable bottom-line contributions in terms of market share and profitability.
Along with the global economic integration development, the large-scale enterprise establishes their Subsidiaries and factories around world to seek the low cost material and the labor force decreases. The internationalization also deepens, the global trade activity is frequent, the product economical national boundary become blur gradually. The labor division specialization and the globalization influences, brand and its product characteristic is more and more obvious, consumer is facing with multitudinous choices, but the brand produces original country influence in consumers perception is also in relief. In other words, there is a competition between countries or cities in building their image. Normally, product original country represents as “Made in …” tag in the market. Country of origin (COO) as a cue influence consumer attitude and evaluation at import product and product country (definitions see Figure 1). The Country of origin is according to consumer’s attitude toward a country or area comes through some representative attributes, those attributes are many. Main measures to COO: General country attributes (GCA), General product attributes (GPA) and Specific product attributes (SPA). Parameswaran and Pisharodi (1994) developed 40 attributes to measure COO based on those three. Han researched 14 measure attributes then find 5 main attributes: Technical advancement, Prestige value, Workmanship, Price, Serviceability. What are effects of Country of origin (COOE)? The earliest author who indicated COOE is Dichter in his journal in 1962, ‘‘Made in …’’ can influence consumer’s perception thereby to influence their purchase behavior. He suggested ‘‘Made in…’’ should be recognized as additional attributes to measure the impact consumers’ acceptance to the import products. Figure .1

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