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The literature review about nature、human and animal

小编导读:本文由代写留学生论文中心literature review范文专栏整理提供,全文主要分析讨论自然、人类和动物的问题,本文供大家参考。如有更多此方面的指导、代写服务,欢迎来电进行详细咨询。

All the lives are the miracles of the world, both the human beings and the animals. And the nature has always been the medium between human beings and the animals. It provides habitats for both. When destructions are perpetrated towards the nature, however, the animals have always been the ones who suffer more, as a consequence of their lower adjustment ability compared to humans. But these facts are always ignored, because the concentration of humans is always on the humans themselves. And this leads to the ignorance of the equal rights of animals to live in the world. Destructions in want of human beings' selfish interests are never tolerated. So animals should be more taken into account when dealing with nature issues, as humans assume the responsibilities not only for our generations but also for the animals living with us in the same world. And the following literature reviews just attempt to help us realize this inconvenient truth.
 Animals are the miracles of the world and the similar lives to human beings, that is, human beings are not as unique as we think.

 The March of Penguin (2005), a documentary directed by Luc Jacquet, highlights the lives of emperor penguins in the Antarctica. Jacquet takes the side of penguins and presents their lives vividly to us, such as their annual migration inland to a centuries' old breeding ground, the nourishment and the struggle against the hazards of freezing temperatures, the starvation and the predators. Freeman says "- this is a story of survival, a tale of life over death. But it's more than that, really. This is a story about love." Their struggle for lives and melioration just resembles the humans' struggle through the evolution. And the love and affections between them just convey the signal that they also have their thoughts and feelings. This truth reminds us that they are just similar to us.

 Another movie that highlights the lives of animals is the Jacque Perrin's documentary, entitled Winged Migration (2001). In the movie, Perrin takes advantage of the high-technology to track the birds' migration to south, which is a tough journey. As well as the March of Penguin, http://ukthesiss.com/Thesis_Tips/Reference/Literature_Review/ this tough-minded movie also deals with the animals' struggle for life. It shows us the rigors of avian life, and reminds us that every life is so great that it surely is a miracle. Human being is just one of them.

 The Movie, the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (2003), directed by Judy Irving, indicates that human beings can have a harmonious relationship with the animals, and this really benefits. The movie describes a true story of Mark and the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill. Mark's interests towards the parrots have resulted in the close relationship between them. They are just like friends or family members. And this relationship finally changes Mark's life to be a happier one. This movie addresses the relationship between human beings and the animals and illustrates that human beings and animals can live in harmony, which is not only essential but also rewarding and beneficial.

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