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What do (and don’t) we know?
Purpose 目的

A literature review is a critical “account of what has been published on a topic by accredited
scholars and researchers".http://ukthesiss.com/Thesis_Tips/Reference/Literature_Review/  (Taylor and Proctor, 2001) 
•  What are its strengths and weaknesses? (critique) 它的长处和弱点是什么? (批判)
•  What is the current state of knowledge? (describe) 知识的当前状态是什么? (详细说明)
•  How is this knowledge structured? (structure)  这方面的知识是如何构成的? (结构)

这个表明如何选择你熟悉的工作, 并且进入适合你的领域。它不应该是描述性的。其目的是为了:
It shows that you are familiar with your chosen field and how your work fits into this field. It
should not be descriptive. Its purpose is to: 

•  Relate the boundary of your topic to previous research 
•  Identify to the reader what theories and practice have been developed on a topic
•  Explain how past research and ideas have developed over time 
•  Explain what their respective strengths and weaknesses are
•  Assess the significance of such developments 

Reviewing the literature can also help you by suggesting practical models for your own
research design. 
It should be a critical review.
•  Your literature review should not be simply a set of summaries or a report but rather
an integrated prose document
•  Critical does not mean finding fault but rather it means providing a balanced account
of the strengths and weaknesses, and competing views, of your chosen field of
•  It is necessary but not sufficient simply to summarise and describe the literature - you
also need to critique it. Include literature that opposes your position – as well as that
which supports it.
•   You need to build your argument and explain it – ‘I believe x because of y and
therefore I conclude z’. Have a narrative – what story are you telling?
•  It needs a guiding purpose (assignment, research project, thesis) – why are you
writing it?
"The Literature Review should give the reader the sense that you have
examined some material on your topic and are familiar with contrasting

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