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literature review范文:Internet marketing communication(2)

As the ‘bubble’ become bigger, traditional marketing communication forced to be transformed into Internet marketing communication. The consequence leads Internet continually been praised as a main component of a enterprise while using Internet as a channel to communicate with customers (Fill, 2002). Hence, for the purpose of clarifying what Internet marketing communication is, the characteristics of it will be figured out.

2.3. Characteristic

With the Internet involved in the marketing communication, it assist marketing communication present more interactivity and individualization meanwhile it also integrate marketing communication more and improve the oversea communication (Fletcher, Bell, McNaughton, 2004; Timmers, 1994). Except the characteristics mentioned above, as the accessible of Internet, it can gather several times useful information then traditional method do, furthermore, Internet have enough effective to impact industrial structure (Smith & Chaffy, 2005). To summarize these characteristics, it can be list as followed: interactivity, information, individualization, integration, industry restructuring (McDonald & Wilson, 1999).

Information on the Internet can be easily interchanged while this kind of characteristic provides a two-way communication in Internet marketing communication, a real-time interactive between enterprise and customers (Gurau & Ranchhod, 2007). While traditional marketing communication only sends single information, such as advertising, to its customers via mass media which is called one-way communication can not offered the real-time interactive (Mayer et al, 2003; Kleindl, 2003). This interactive assists increasing the communication between enterprise and customers also receive their feedback quickly (Chaffey, 2004). The more communication enterprise done with customers, the more information, such as their demand, interest, attitudes, etc. that relate to the customers might be gathered easily (Harris & Cohen, 2003). As a result, the relationship between enterprise and customer will be a partner-ship while using Internet in marketing communication, otherwise, customers is only an object to send advertising (Mayer et al, 2003)

Depends on the two-way communication in Internet marketing communication, huge amounts of real-time customer’s information can be gathered quickly and easily. The useful information gathered from e-mail and online questionnaire which included various kinds of raw data such as responses to promotions (Smith & Chaffey, 2005). Moreover, Roberts (2003) said that quite a lot customers’ information can be figured out from the click rate on the web site, the more click rate the more evidence showed the certain item attracted the customer deeply. As a tool of marketing communication, Internet assist the enterprise to catch what customers want and make continuously improvement, this is the previously said attract and keep (Timmers, 1999). An enterprise can make full use of its advantage through collecting information quickly with a two-way communication model, even more, new market can be possible (Lagrosen).

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