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literature review范文:Internet marketing communication(8)

2.6. Internet, Marketing communication &Chinese SMES

China catches up the dramatic development of Internet meanwhile SMEs take advantage of the chance to reinforce their enterprise (Wang, 2006) though it is a developing country. Hence, Internet in China and the existing condition of Internet impact of China SMEs in marketing communication should be stated.

China & Internet
Compared with western country, China contacted with Internet in the end of 1980s while western country began in the early of 1970s (Chen, 2006). The delay directly influence the development time which is in the end of 1990s (Chen, 2006). In recent year China has invested a huge amount of fund to develop and improve its Internet as China take part in the WTO (World Trade Organization) Internet could be a important tool to assist China to keep a good position in WTO (Wang, 2006). While because the dramatic growing of Internet in the end of 1990s, China government set up a center which called China Internet Network Information Center to account the user of Internet and deliver the report. According to the 2007’s report, there are 210 million registered users and the increase rate is 53.3%. The amount of user is just 50million less than United States meanwhile follows the rate, China might be the largest market in the world.

Existing condition of Internet impact of China SMEs in marketing communication
Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a short history of development. According to Chen (2002) the development can be divided into three parts. The first period was from 1978 to 1992, just after the chairman Deng came into power. The new government policy encouraged SME to develop and the rapid speed of expanding stimulate economic and improve the living standards in China. The second was from 1992 to 2002. The government utilize various method to accelerate reform of government owned SMEs in the same time reduce government owned SMEs. But what dramatically grow are the privately owned SMEs because of the socialist market economy. This is core period for Chinese SMEs. The third development is from 2002 to now. The government established a promotion law which means that Chinese SMEs entry in a new world.

Focus on now a day marketing communication in China SMEs the basic theory is learn from western countries. There are three main theories, said Wang (2006) “uniqueness of the product, brand awareness and positioning”. Like western countries China SMEs have similar contents such as Advertising, Public Relations, Personal selling, Sales promotion, Direct Marketing etc.
However, in the beginning age, many China SMEs behave not so well as western SMEs in marketing communication (Wang, 2006). Enterprise know the theory, however, the practice had been done is just as the copy work. Less research had been carry out about the history of China SMEs, the environment that China facing, the financial resource, internal marketing communications and infrastructure while western country consider these key points seriously (Zhang & Tang, 2006). When in 2004, some of the successful SMEs began to implement the internet as the tool in market communication and gain real benefits which more than using traditional way (Yu, 2006). Internet can assist marketing communication in China SMEs continually to decrease their cost, be known as world wide, cooperate more with customer, improve their product finally hold their proper position (Martinsons, 2002).

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