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Literature Review格式样本-怎么写好完美的文献综述?文献综述写作范文参考(2)

In China, direct selling has developed since 1995; its annual turnover has exceeded 100 million. In 1995, 1996 and 1997, direct selling has experienced a glorious period in China. But in 1997, changes emerged in Chinese market of direct selling, at that time the market was completely chaotic. It was due to the following reasons (Hung Wei and Gong Long, 2007: 12): first, a lack of proper management and guidance, second, a lack of appropriate regulatory regime for timely putting down a number of violations in direct selling, leading to direct selling transfer into pyramid selling, which has greatly undermined the image of direct selling. Therefore, under this circumstance, great confusion emerged in direct selling. In April 1998, the Chinese government introduced a policy which made direct selling completely withdraw from the market. All business of direct selling of foreign multinational corporations in China has been stopped. This is a fatal blow for the development of direct selling in China. The early stage when Mary Kay entered into China was also the hardest time when direct selling facing a beating in China. So in the early stages of Mary Kay’s development in China, it faced with great difficulties. With China's accession to WTO, Chinese government's attitude to direct selling has been changed. In 2005, it has formally established the Direct Selling Regulation, which has finally determined the legal status of direct selling and regulated the behavior of direct selling, at the same time, after years of efforts, the attitude of the Chinese people towards direct selling has also been changed, they gradually recognized direct selling. In this background, the industry of direct selling developed rapidly in China since 2005, it is certain that the prospect of direct selling is bright in China.
2.4 The relation between Chinese culture and direct selling
Literature Review格式样本-怎么写好完美的文献综述?.文献综述写作范文参考China is a society which pays much attention to relationship between people; the so-called ‘relationship’ in China usually refers to some ways which connect two people together to establish an interdependent link (Sun Xiaohong, 2007:124). Chinese people get what they need in their daily lives through the relationship between them, relationships allow them obtain others’ help as well as provision of certain items or services. Once someone has provided assistance to others, it looks forward to be rewarded in the future; too, if someone gets help, it has an obligation to repay later. (Su Hong, 2004:321). Any help or acts of generosity, whether it is giving, or harvest, it would bring you to the network system of relationship. No one would want to be separated from the system, because people's daily lives are carried out smoothly through this interaction between each other. This relationship makes life humanized, which is not familiar for westerners.

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