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Literature Review格式样本-怎么写好完美的文献综述?文献综述写作范文参考(5)

Today, the most successful direct selling companies operating in China are Mary Kay, Amway, Avon and other companies. These cosmetic companies are from the United States, their business model is direct marketing, their direct sales models are similar and their upgrade mechanisms are also similar, but Mary Kay is a professional in area of women’s skin care. The image Mary Kay has always established is completely different from Avon’s and Amway’s, it is a successful woman's perfection and grace, and it emphasizes the corporate culture of services for women’s building up their own businesses, which is also its original idea.

2.7 Summary of literature Review
The above studies have shown that China's cosmetics market is tempting, but Mary Kay faced with fierce competition from Avon, Amway and other large companies. Mary Kay's unique direct selling and encouraging women to establish their own business adapt to Chinese traditional culture and the Chinese women's roles, which help Mary Kay to achieve success in China as well as gain an advantage in competition. However, there is a lack of evidence of empirical research in the above studies to provide the overall assessment and analysis on Mary Kay's marketing strategy, this dissertation will use empirical research methods to critically analyze Mary Kay's marketing strategy in China in the following chapter.

Literature Review格式样本-怎么写好完美的文献综述?.文献综述写作范文参考References

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