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For the international students, the paper translation became everyone's a difficult problem, how to go fast and good solve their paper the translation problems become the difficulties faced by many people, I personally think translation must master methods, so long as the half way to! Today is here to give all of the methods of translation paper a comb!



A translation, increase the:

Refers to both English and Chinese language according to different way of thinking and language habits and expression way, when translation add some words and short sentences or sentence, so that more accurate to express the meaning of original text contains. This way with most in Chinese miles. Such as:

(1) What about calling him right away?

Calling him right away, you think? (add translation subject and predicate)

(2) If only I could see the realization of the four modernizations.

If I can see four modernizations should have much good!!!!! (add translation of the main clause)


Second, the province translation:

This is the opposite of the translation and should be a translation method, which is not in conformity with the delete the target language thinking habit, language habits and expression way of words, in order to avoid the white elephants. The examples of translation and can. And as:

(1) You will be staying in this hotel during your visit in Beijing.

During his visit to Beijing, you lived in the hotel. (province the owner pronouns)

(2) I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

I hope you have a pleasant stay here. (province the owner pronouns)

 留学生论文翻译Three, transform method:

Refers to the process of translation to make the translation in order to meet the target language of expression way, method and habit and the parts of speech, to the original sentence patterns and voice, etc for conversion. Specifically, is in the parts of speech, the noun into pronouns, adjectives, verbs; The verb convert nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions; To convert adverbs and adjectives phrases. Such as:

(1) we college education commission and the municipal government by dual leadership.

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