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企业社会责任的案例(英文翻译版精品)-Corporate Social Responsibility

The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility





2010 SEP 7 - (VerticalNews.com) -- In addition to teaching and research, one of the most important tasks of a university is social services. National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, ranking 2nd place in Taiwan in many international academic rankings, is the giant of most national universities in terms of social service achievements.

In the early period, National Cheng Kung University has played the key role in creating Taiwan's economic miracle. Currently, the university is standing in the front line of Kinmen, assisting the development of National Quemoy University, devoting itself to the re-construction of Kinmen and expecting to publish a white paper for the future Kinmen-Xiamen living area in January, 2011.

Senior Executive Vice-President Da-Hsuan Feng expressed, "The pursuit of academic excellence and international academic status are undeniably the goals of a university. However, the social responsibilities of a university must not be forgotten, because the ultimate goal of a university is to create benefits for the human beings."

Since 2008, National Cheng Kung University has cared for the development of Kinmen, including the planning and re-construction of Kinmen-Xiamen living area, the construction of modern health care system, the promotion of Southern Fujian Culture, the preservation of battlefield culture, as well as the elevation of university education quality.

During the process, NCKU President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, Senior Executive Vice-President Da-Hsuan Feng and Dean of College of Engineering Wen-Teng Wu have traveled to Kinmen frequently for field study. NCKU Hospital has also signed cooperation agreement with Kinmen, jointly organized International Academic Conference of Southern Fujian Culture, and held Kinmen Summit Forum to outline the model of Kinmen-Xiamen living area.

Senior Executive Vice-President Da-Hsuan Feng also mentioned, "From 1950 to 1960, teachers from Purdue University, U.S., have come to NCKU, brought new thinking and rich resources to help the development and rise of NCKU. As a comprehensive and internationally renowned university, NCKU should follow the example of Purdue University and play a significant role in the development of Kinmen."

In the future, NCKU College of Liberal Arts, College of Engineering, College of Planning and Design, College of Bioscience and Biotechnology and College of Medicine can all participate in the planning and infrastructure of Kinmen.

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