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英国accountting assignment定制要求参考-Fiance accounting

论文题目:见附件 任选其一
论文语言:英语论文 English
论文专业:Fiance accounting
论文用于:BA essay 本科课程作业

The assignment titles are now uploaded in the assessment folder.  This is 100% assessement of 3500 words.  You must read beyond lecture slides and basic texts in order to pass this assignment.  You will note that two of these titles so far relate directly to the TUTORIALS we have just taken
Assignment Questions

1. What strategies have trade  unions been adopting to renew membership in recent decades? How successful have these strategies been?
2. “As collective bargaining has declined, employees have lost their ‘voice’ in the workplace”. Discuss.
3. Critically assess the advantages and problems facing employers in seeking to manage employee relations in a non-union environment.
4. With reference to academic theories and empirical research, discuss the key differences between employee participation and employee involvement.
5. Critically assess the impact that recent European Union Directives have had on employment relations in the UK.

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