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留学生财务管理专业Assignment写作需求:Case stud

Assignment 3 – Case study 3

In this assignment, you will have to choose one project which cover either the finance management or risks management.
Before starting the assignment, read carefully the case study. You are required to consider the information given in the case study and to carry out the Activities or 留学生论文网respond to the questions. The assignment is limited to 500 words, there is no penalty for larger assignments.

PS: You may use Figures and tables, they are will be not counted in 500 words

Prepare a report to show your responses to the above activity. The report should contain headings of: (Cover Sheet); Executive Summary; Introduction; Analysis, Comments; Conclusions. The report should not be around 500 words excluding pictures, graphs or Tables. There is no penalty for exceeding recommended word count.

The report forms the basis of the assessment using the Learning Outcomes It is to be submitted electronically before 4.00pm on 13/03/2011.
This assignment constitutes 1/3 of 25% of the grade allocated to this module.

Suggested Start 20/01/2011 Completion 13/03/2011.

The penalties for late submissions are as follows: “All assessments submitted late, but within 5 days of the deadline, will be given a maximum mark of 40%. Assessments submitted more than 2 weeks after the deadline will not be marked, and a mark of 0% will
be recorded.” Please be aware of the plagiarism regulations found in the Student Handbook and on the University Academic Regulations, available through the website. ( ).


Project 1 – Earned Value Analysis

We are building a shed. The floor is budgeted at £200 while each side is budgeted at £100 and the roof is budgeted for £300. The plan is as follows: the floor will take 2 days to complete, each side will take 1 day to complete while the roof is expected to come in at 2 days. The floor gets done first, followed by each side and then the roof.

Actual work is done as follows, the floor takes 3 days to build and costs £300, and the first side takes 2 days and costs £150. Then you get on a roll. The next side 留学生论文comes in according to project estimate – 1 day and costs only £50.

We are at the end of day 6, how does our project look?

Project 2 - Earned Value Analysis

You work for a company that manufactures high tech Wind Turbine equipment. You are the project manager responsible for the development of a new domestic type of turbines. The project life cycle is made up of the phases in the WBS below. Each control account plan (CAP) is planned to be completed one after the other. Today is the end of Month 5

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