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英国论文-英国桑德兰大学会计与财务管理专业本科作业写作需求-Accounting and Financial Manag

英国论文网提供英国桑德兰大学会计与财务管理专业本科作业写作University of Sunderland
BA (Honours) Business Management
BA (Honours) Accounting and Financial Management
Managing Projects
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Managing Projects
How to use this workbook
Unit 1
Project Concepts
Introduction 1
What is Project Management? 2
Types of project 5
Examples of Projects 7
The Role of the Project Manager and the Team 8
Summary 12
Unit 1 References 13
Unit 2
Planning and Monitoring Tools and Techniques
Introduction 15
Project Feasibility 16
Project Life Cycle 20
Project Objectives 24
Planning the Project 27
Sequencing Activities 32
PCs and Project Management Software 56
Summary 58
Unit 2 References 63
Unit 3
The Management of Project Cost And Risk
Introduction 65
Financial Project Appraisal 65
Payback 66
Net Present Value (NPV) 68
Estimating Methods 70
Putting Together the Detailed Project Budget 72
Common Causes of Cost Problems 75
U n iversity of
Su n derlan d
Project Accounting 76
Managing Risks 80
Summary 86
Unit 3 References 87
Unit 4
Project Team Structuring
Introduction 89
Developing Project Teams 90
Belbin’s Team Roles 98
Effective and Ineffective Teams 99
Multi-disciplinary Teams 100
Project Leadership 101
Motivation 106
The Project Manager’s Role 110
Summary 111
Unit 4 References 113
Unit 5
Project Control
Introduction 115
Scope and Quality Control 118

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