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财务会计作业-独立财务规划评价模型-Independent Critical Evaluation of a Finan

Independent Critical Evaluation of aFinancial Planning Model

Course: BA(Hons) Business Management 3+0
Subject: Financial Modelling
This report will using the cost-volume-profit analysis study method Ma Ao Center School between the number of student, tuition, school cost and profit relationship.

Introduction of Ma Ao Center School
Ma Ao Center School is located in the scenic, cultural landscape thick of the "Thousand Islands Heritage village" Zhoushan area in the southern town of Ma Ao, China. 于1997年9月合并了马岙中学、马岙中心小学两所学校,是定海区第一所九年一贯制学校。In the September 1997 school merger Ma Ao, Ma Ao Central Primary School are two schools is the first Haiding nine-year school. 目前,学校占地面积26000平方米,22个教学班,在校学生689名,教职员工75名,男26名,女49名,35周岁以下56名,占74.7%。 Currently, the school covers an area of 26,000 square meters, 22 classes, 689 students in the school, faculty and staff of 75, male 26, female 49, 35 under the age of 56, accounting for 74.7%. 其中,中学教师27名,小学教师48名(包括内退教师4名),临时用工3名(1名外聘体育代课教师、1名食堂职工、1名司机)There into, 27 secondary school teachers, 48 primary school teachers, the temporary employment 3 (1 external sports substitute teachers, a cafeteria workers, a driver). 在师资结构中,中学一级、小学高级教师30名,占40%;专任教师56名,占74.7%,后勤岗位14名,占18.6%;学历层次中,拥有大学本科学历13名,全部为中学教师,占中学教师的48.1%,大学专科45名,占60%;在教师队伍中,达到规定学历的中学25人,占92.6%,小学46人,占95.8%,专任教师全部达到国家规定学历(未达到规定学历的为内退教师、教辅岗教师)。 Teacher structure the secondary level, primary school teachers in 30 high-level, 40%; full-time faculty of 56, accounting for 74.7%, 14 logistics jobs, accounting for 18.6%; academic levels in 13 with a university degree, all of secondary school teachers, accounting for 48.1% of secondary school teachers, 45 junior college, 60%; in the ranks of teachers, 25 secondary schools achieve the required qualifications, accounting for 92.6%, 46 primary schools, accounting for 95.8%, full-time teachers all meet the national requirements education (does not meet the qualification requirements for early retirement of teachers and supplementary teachers in post.) 1906年在原址办学至今,已经拥有近百年的办学史。 Running at the site since 1906, already has nearly a hundred years the school history. 特别是90年代以来,学校在上级有关部门的关心支持下,加大了教育的投入,使学校面貌日新月异,基础设施、教育教学设备不断更新,现代化的三大校园网络、多媒体教室、电脑房、语音室、阅览室、图书室等齐全。 Especially since the 90s, the school authorities at a higher level of care and support, increased investment in education, so that the face of changing schools, infrastructure, education and teaching equipment, constantly updated, modern three campus network, multimedia classrooms, computer room, language lab, reading room, library and so complete. (Mazxtjf, 2005)

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