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导读:这篇文章目的是设计可变强度的可见单色光,这是一种光学装置。其主要思想是使用PIC单片机多色LED来构建系统,将包括八个多色的LED,可以使用两种不同的模式。本文由英国论文网代写留学生作业频道Engineering Essay栏目整理提供。
This project is about designing a Variable Intensity Visible Light Monochromator which is an optical device that transmits a mechanically selectable narrow band of wavelengths of light or other radiation.

The main idea is to use a PIC microcontroller with multicolor LEDs to build the system which will consist of eight multicolor LEDs that can be used in two different modes,

1.All LEDs operate together in 100 Hz frequency.
2.All LEDs will operate in sequence with 100 Hz frequency.
Also the user will have the ability to change the intensity and the color of the LEDs using external potentiometers and there will be an LCD to display the options that the system has.

Also the user will have the ability to control the system using the computer by a simple graphical user interface program using the MatLab program and the RS232 as the communication protocol.

Technologies using monochromatic light have a wide range of application, from astrophysics and astronomy to forensic science. The term monochromatic derives from the Greek words monos, meaning one or sole, and chromos, meaning color. Monochromatic light, or one-color light, is essentially electromagnetic radiation derived from photon emissions from atoms. Photons propagate, or travel, as energy wave fronts of different lengths and levels of energy. Energy levels determine the frequency of light, and the length of a wave determines its color. The bands of light wavelengths that humans can see are called visible light.

Nature of Electromagnetic Waves
Light is an electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic waves (EM Waves) are produced by charged particles when they vibrate. As the charged particles execute SHM, a sinusoidal electric field and a sinusoidal magnetic field are simultaneously produced. These two fields are mutually perpendicular to each other and constitute an electromagnetic wave. An e.m wave is able to propagate through vacuum without the presence of any medium. The figure below shows an electromagnetic wave.

EM waves exhibit the following properties:

1.They consist of two sinusoidal fields the Electric-field and Magnetic-field, which are oscillating in phase and at right angles to each other.
2.They are transverse waves.
3.All electromagnetic waves can travel through vacuum (or free space).
4.In vacuum, they travel with the same speed c = 3.00 x 108 ms-1.

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