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Engineering Report格式范文:技术报告写作模版


FTS101 Assessment Item 3: 

Individual Written Report on a Technological Controversy
Report Template & Instructions For Use

The template on the following pages is an example of an acceptable format for a report.

Prepare your Draft Plan by completing the template, inserting relevant headings, content (including evidence and in-text citations) and a reference list. Your completed Report Plan should be at least 3 pages long, while the Report will be longer. Add your name & ID to every page, and submit your completed work by the due date, attaching a Cover Sheet to the front of the hard copy. Also submit a soft copy via Turnitin. Time will be available to do this in your class on the due date.
Most of the information in the template needs to be in dot point form only. However, if you submit all the required text so that your Draft Plan is a full draft of your Report, you will receive more feedback,which should help you edit and improve your final Report.
Below is listed what information you should provide for the Report Plan:
Contents: To be written in full.
Executive summary: Dot points only required, but recommendations to be written in full.
Introduction: Dot points only required. Reference/(s) can be cited in the background statement. Cite them in the short form, eg Chang (2007, p. 219) states that ………..…. or ………………. (Chang 2007, p. 219). Note that page number(s) is(are) required in citations where applicable. The full publication details must be written in the Reference List.
Definitions: Dot points only required.
Method(s): Dot points only required.
Results & Discussion: Dot points only required for contents of each sub-section. Reference/s should be cited with every statement of fact, and there should be at least one citation in each sub-section.
Conclusion: Dot points only required.
Recommendations: To be written in full.
Reference List: To be written in full. All references to be formatted according to the UTS Harvard guide, eg in alphabetical order according to family name; no dot points or numbering should be used at the beginning of each reference.


For your final Report, copy and paste the contents of the right hand column to a Word document, and edit thoroughly before submitting. 

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